Ka-pow! Kickboxing!

I have decided I don’t like alarm clocks. They majorly mess with my internal clock and sleeping cycle. Thus I will seldom use them from now on!

Citizen Kane last night was longer than I remembered. A tad boring in parts, but I appreciate its complexity.

I woke up really hungry and grabbed a small piece of angel food cake and a tablespoon of peanut butter :(. I need to work on eliminating my random snacking throughout the day. I felt like I should still have a more appropriate breakfast so I had this:

-Bagel thin with cream cheese

-1/2 banana with almond butter, honey, cashews

yum! 🙂

Then it was off to the gym to work it out! I did 10 minutes of spinning then hit the treadmill for an easy mile at 6.3. There is a rad kickboxing class on Tuesdays so I got my sweat on doing uppercuts, roundhouse kicks, and jabs. The last 20 minutes was weights, push ups, and just general sculpting.

One of the parts I love about going to classes is they push you harder than what you might normally do working out on your own. I am also starting to enjoy the social aspect. I have become a regular at a lot of classes and know the instructors and other people in the class. It is a friendly environment and always starts my day off right.

Here are the stats:

I was at the gym for an hour and 40 minutes.

Stuff to get done today:

  1. Grocery shopping?
  2. Plan out meals for the week
  3. Laundry. Fun, right?
  4. Do this workout

Should I do a post on workout music?

I’ll leave you with a fun song. Give it a few minutes to load 🙂

Have an awesome day!




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