Dust yourself off

To be perfectly honest I am a tad frustrated today. I ate horribly today and yesterday. I just snacked on empty calories. I hate days like that. I work out like a beast, but days like that kill the progress I want to be making on my weight loss. Maintaining has become really easy and perhaps I should just focus on that as a positive. However, I want more. I know I can do better. I am excited and know this blog will push me to cook more and be completely honest. It will hold me accountable. It’s weird because giving other people motivation motivates me in return because I want to be the best I can. I don’t want to be a hypocrite who can’t follow their own advice.

Anyways here are some of my recent eats:

Tonight before the gym I had a pizza-ish type thing with a salad

The pizza consisted of:

-Whole Wheat Trader Joe’s flatbread

-Goat Cheese

-Tomato Sauce


-Fresh Basil


The salad had:


-Mixed Greens



-Fat Free Balsamic Vinaigrette

Peanut Buttery Chick Peas

I don’t recommend them, but here’s what’s in this concoction

-Peanut Butter

– Raw Cacao Powder

-Cashew Pieces

Does anyone else get really excited when they go grocery shopping?!?! Maybe it’s just me, but I love it! It is so much fun to find new ingredients and seasonal produce to cook with. I went to Trader Joe’s this afternoon. It was glorious. Next friday I am going on an excursion to Whole Foods so I tried not to buy too much. Here are the goodies!


-Rice Milk, Almond Milk

-Fage Greek Yogurt

-White Bean Hummus

-Laughing Cow Light Cheese, Goat Cheese (yum!)

– Nonfat Frozen Yogurt (double yum!)

– Zico Coconut Water (my newest fav!)

– Seaweed Snack (unfortunately not to my liking)

– Apple, Peanut Butter Larabars

– Rice Cakes

– Flatbread

– Better N’ Peanut Butter (I’ve been eating too much fat lately)


– Banana’s ( I eat at least one daily)

– Apples

– Arugula

– Brocolli

– Basil

I stayed light on the produce because we have a lot at my house that needs to be used up right now.

I just got back from the gym and boy it was an intense workout. I burned 1174 calories! I was one sweaty beast by the end. I started my workout with this. It kicked my butt! Then I met up with my friend Lauren and went to a circuit training class. I go every Wednesdays and Fridays to the same class. It doesn’t hurt that the instructor isn’t too unfortunate looking 😉 I should mention he is nice too. I don’t want to sound too shallow. From now on I will refer to him as HGG in the blog. ;P Get it?

Anyways, I am off to bed. I have a 5:30 spin class I want to go to in the morning. Hopefully I can wake up in time. Fingers crossed.  Tomorrow is a new day. I am going to dust myself off and think positively. Your attitude effects so much in your life.  I am so far from perfect, but I have to remember what I have accomplished so far. It takes time!

I hope you have had a wonderful day!!!

Happy Hump Day.






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