I am content.

This post is really random, just to fill you in on tidbits of stuff that has happened over the past few days. Liz flew out on Friday, I went on an Ikea’s excursion, and have decided I am going to take up gardening.

I miss Liz already, but will hopefully visit her in May after I go to D.C. to visit my sister.

I was at whole foods and discovered bacon chocolate with one of my friends.

I also found out that I got into the Germany study abroad program. I applied last year and didn’t get in. I was crushed because I wanted it so badly. I reapplied this year and got accepted! This year I am content with where I am at. It wouldn’t have been the end of the world if I hadn’t gotten in to the program. After I got the phone call and had finished jumping around and yelling I realized how real it was. I would be leaving for 10 months. That is a long time. So much can happen. I get anxious thinking about it. How will my host family be? Will it derail my attempt to pursue a healthier lifestyle? How homesick will I be? It is so scary to think about, but at the same time I know this is such an amazing opportunity and I will have so much fun. I guess I just need to embrace it and start learning German. ASAP!

This morning I went to church and the message really hit home. Basically because the pastor talked about excuses, procrastination, and laziness. I am loving the values my church instills. It is such an amazing outlet to further my spiritual journey.

The weather forecast is a bit dreary for this week. Grr. I still want to be sure to get outside though.

This week I really want to focus on consistency with my diet and excercise. I know I can do it =)

I also want to make a cool apron. I have found a ton of awesome patterns online so woohoooo.

Happy Sunday,



One thought on “I am content.

  1. yayyy germany!!! congratulations!!! i love germany so much i know you’ll love it. although i hope you stay on plan as much as you can, don’t hold yourself back from bratwurst and german chocolate!!! lol, love you!

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