Goal Complete!

My goal for the day was to post EVERYTHING I ate. So here it goes. This is a very picture heavy post just be forewarned. I am going to start focusing on smaller goals rather than making these daunting goals. It has become overwhelming. Here’s to a new approach! yay!

I didn’t go to the gym today. I had every intention to, but like I said if I don’t get it done in the morning it usually just does not happen.

Breakfast: sorry for this incredibly unattractive picture!

Better n’ Peanut Butter and Jelly on a Sandwich thin

My tummy started rumbling so I made a mid morning snack

It is a “milkshake” inspired by Katie

with super awesome heart sprinkles

Lunch was:

A ginormous salad with

-1/2 potato

– 1 tangerine

– green beans

– 2 dried figs

-a few walnuts

– Trader Joe’s balsamic vinaigrette

After picking up my little brother from school I whipped this up:

A blueberry muffin. I altered this recipe considerably for lack of applesauce, but it turned out well.

or at least Alex thought so…

He had his muffin, a tangerine, and some hot chocolate.

I had…

Some tea and cottage cheese and came to the conclusion after a few bites I really don’t actually like cottage cheese anymore.

For dinner I made my brother and I this:

-Grilled snapper with cajun spice

-red quinoa with cardamon and bay leaves

– green bean, onion, fennel salad

– mixed green salad

I also made Alex a small greek yogurt brownie as a treat for eating all his veggies.

I made him a peanut butter “milkshake” too.

Notice its green appearance. That would be all the spinach I added. Hehehe.

It also had:

1/2 frozen banana

1/2 tbsp. coconut oil

– 2 tbsp. all natural pb

– xantham gum

He didn’t seem to notice the green appearance and drank it happily. Win!

I guess Alex is becoming a new source of inspiration for me. I think parents have a major impact on your life when you are growing up and although not a parent I see myself as an influential adult figure in his life. I want to be a good role model and instill healthy habits. I think the best way to do this is lead by example. Here’s to new motivation.

I am starting to get excited for Germany. When I think of the goodbyes I get sad, so I try not to think of it. I can’t even begin to imagine the amazing people I will meet and experiences I am going to have. I was also talking to Britta for awhile and I will be so happy to see her again! I think those ten months abroad are going to have a major impact on my life. I can’t wait to embrace a different family dynamic too. Through the process I know I am going to learn so much about myself and become much more aware of the world around me. I have already starting connecting with others on facebook and they all seem super nice! I leave on July 31st. I will post updates as soon as I find out new info, but for now I don’t know who my host family will be or where I will live. The unknown is scary yet exciting!

I am off to put Alex to bed!




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