A Chill Saturday =)

Yesterday was awesome. I ate this for breakfast… and lunch. I may need an intervention…

Better n’ peanut butter and banana sandwich!!!!!

I basically just snacked on cashews, nut butter, and salad all day. Along with chia seed pudding.

consisting of:

-chia seeds

-sunflower seeds




– & water

The chia seeds start to gel once you add liquid to them. It makes for a tapioca-like consistency. Here are some of the benefits of adding chia seeds to your diet. Pay particular attention to 2-5 & 7.

I went to the gym in the morning for HGG’s class then went out shopping with my friend, Rikke. The places we went included goodwill, Walmart, an Indian import store, and Trader Joe’s. We were both on the hunt for fabric. She is making a dress for her host daughter (she’s an au pair)  and I was on the lookout for something too, I just didn’t know what at the time. As we got our fabric cut at Walmart an older man behind us said that he didn’t think the younger generation liked sewing or actually knew how to sew. Anyone else think sew is a weird word?

I ended up making this…

When Liz was here I really wanted to buy an apron. I couldn’t find one I loved, so I decided to make one. I have to admit towards the end I got a bit frustrated because I didn’t really use a pattern. My sewing got a bit sloppy. It is good practice though since no one will see it and it will be getting very dirty. I bought a pattern for rompers so that will be my next project.

This morning I went to a 7 am spin and sculpt class. I was somewhat disappointed by the lack of intensity during the spinning part. I didn’t leave too sweaty, but my biceps and triceps were killing me. Afterward, I ran home to get breakfast cracking…

…in my new apron of course! I took off the bow though. It was getting in the way!

I started making some muffins and potato pancakes, but my rumbling tummy could not wait. Alex and I split a green mango smoothie with spirulina, spinach, banana, mango, and strawberries.


– shredded potatoes

– asparagus

– bell pepper


– & egg white

I also made some amazing pumpkin muffins. Recipe found here!

I substituted agave for splenda and used a tad less banana.  I don’t agree with using chemicals.

I ate with this lil’ guy

nom nom nom


My goal for the day is to drink 6 cups of tea today. What is your goal?




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