Sunday Funday

This morning I met up with Rikke at the gym. She has a blog! It was a nice somewhat sweaty workout before church. For me the important part about working out is doing something even if it is not super intense. A little something is better than nothing. As I was jogging ( I feel like that sounds less extreme than running) my shoulder started to hurt. I randomly get these shoulder pains when I run. weird. They usually go away if I push through it, but still it’s not pleasant.

After church we went to this little cafe and got some free sample donuts. There is something about free food that always makes it taste better, but they were good. The owner? an employee? a really nice man was trying out recipes and gave us a lemon poppyseed donut to try and it was Uh-mazing.

I needed to do some grocery shopping which I find to be exciting and I guess Rikke does too. Yay! We went to four 😉 a couple different grocery stores. I ended up getting a lot of delicious stuff and restocking my supply of spinach. I foresee lots of green monster smoothies in the near future. It was a nice day and I am glad I have found someone who enjoys stay at home mom-ish activities like me.

When I got home I took a nap. It was glorious and hopefully I won’t have trouble falling asleep tonight.

I finally took pictures of my inspiration board I made while my sister was here a few weeks ago. Here are a few pics.

I took all these motivational sayings and pictures from old issues of Fitness and Shape magazine.

I haven’t been eating meals the past two days hence the lack of food pictures, but this is one of my eats from today:

-better n’ peanut butter


-cocoa powder

-raw honey



My goal for tomorrow is to make some Indian food for lunch. I bought a masala sauce from Trader Joe’s and am really excited to try it out.

* I updated the exercise page today to reflect my hopeful workouts for this week. It is really ambitious hence the word hopeful. It is almost the half way mark for the eight week weight loss challenge and it hasn’t really been going anywhere. I gained a few pounds while my sister was here then lost it so I am basically at the same starting point. No worries. It is crunch time and I know I can deliver. 🙂

I am off to go read and enjoy some tea. HGG lent me this book at church this morning and I’ll let you know my thoughts on it in a weekish. It is an easy read. yay!

The weather is supposed to be fabulous this week so I will try and remember to bring my camera and snap some pictures of some walks. Nature is spectatuclar!

I hope your Sunday was as blissful as mine!

Tomorrow is the start of a new week. What are your goals? How will you accomplish it? Remember small goals are sometimes best.Mine is to hit the gym EVERYDAY even if it is just to hop on the treadmill. No excuses.

Warm Wishes,



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