Badda bing, badda boom!

Hey good lookin’. Yep, I am most definitely talking to you!

I hope your day was as productive and wonderful as mine was 🙂 I ate exactly the same thing as I did yesterday for breakfast and didn’t want to be redundant so I am not posting a picture of it.

After breakfast I walked to the gym. On the way I dropped Alex off at school and was interrogated asked  the entire time all about minotaurs. I can’t say that is one of my areas of expertise. That’s ok ;), I love his curiosity. I went to kickboxing and worked up a good sweat. I came home and made a very mango-ee smoothee. It had a banana, strawberries, mango, and only a tad bit of spinach. It was delicious!

I did some chores and got down to bizz nazz making me some grub.

I made a bean salad with everything above

– 1/2 can white beans

-1/2 can corn

– tomato

– red onion

– dry basil

– oregano

– asparagus

– lemon juice

-& garlic

It probably would have been good witha bit of parmesan and extra virgin olive oil too.

-1/2 potato (I didn’t eat it all)

– bean salad!

– 2 egg whites ( the yolk was given to my dog)

– steamed Trader Joe’s lentils yummy!

I did some laundry and the dishes then went to pick up my brother from school.

As an afterschool snack I made up a fruit and veggie plate for us to share. I added a bit of almond butter too.

Can you guess what is on the plate I used?

* hint. I can show you the world… too obvious now?

Anyway, I was so happy when I asked Alex if he liked his snack he said yes and said it was even healthy too. Score.  We went on a short 20 minute walk.

After chowing down on some Anderson’s split pea soup with a piece of flax bread I headed back to the gym.

I went to an hour long spin and sculpt class. I was mildly disappointed. The sculpting was good, but we did around 5 minutes on the bike then 10 miutes off sculpting and repeated that structure the whole class. I didn’t get in enough consecutive cardio to work up a decent sweat. I did however run 2 miles on the treadmill afterwards which was good.

My post workout reward. 🙂

1 caramel rice cake with 1/2 a banana and some cinnamon.

I am casually obsessed with bananas right now. That brings my total up to 2 1/2 bananas for today and the night is still young!

I am off to go read the Dream Giver and drink some mango passionfruit and then chamomille tea. To be honest I was a bit skeptical when I read the preface and inside cover summary, but I am enjoying it quite a lot. Usually I read “trashy” novels so this is a nice change. It is an easy, but fun contemplative read. I will post a more full review once I’m done!

I found a new blog. It is awesomesauce!

I don’t have any rock solid plans for tomorrow. Maybe I will do something spontaneous???

Auf Weidersehen,

(See what I did there? Yep, I am practically fluent already.)



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