Foodie Fridays and Willy Wonka

Hi everyone!

I need an excuse to make these. Give me a reason.

So last night I went to a spin class and there was a sub! It was one of my favorite instructors who usually teaches on Mondays. After spinning we did 30 minutes of a Ripped ab workout. 🙂 It was killer.

This morning since HGG is out of town 😦 (I’m sure he is having fun in Vegas though :)) I did cardio instead of strength training. I wasn’t really feeling it though. My hip flexor was bugging me and I was just feeling lethargic overall. Lately, I haven’t really liked easy minimally sweaty workouts. I am thinking it’s because I like chasing after the endorphin high. Easy workouts just don’t cut it.

I am officially declaring “Foodie Fridays” *Rikke and I went to Gatsbys Diner.I really enjoyed it. We watched the food being prepared and both got really excited. She ordered beet sliders.

*sidenote: She has never been to In- in-out. Really? How can you spend like ten months in California without going there at least once? It’s madness. Rest assured we will remedy this situation. And yes, it is a situation.

I can’t ever recall having cooked beets and I was not expecting them to be sweet, but they were so good. I am not sure whether I liked the color or the taste better. They were this beautiful purple. More foods need to come in this color. I wonder if I ate a ton of purple produce if I could tint my skin tone? Like the excess beta carotene in carrots turning people orange. I like this idea. Or maybe not. I don’t want to look like this.

(The skin tone. I clearly would not blow up  like a balloon if I was eating beets all day)

Anyways being all obsessed with the color purple and everything I chose to have an eggplant  burger. But it was ground up into a patty so you couldn’t see the purpleness.

I can’t even begin to describe how delicious it was! Maybe it is becuase I don’t eat out often or maybe it is becuase it really was just that good. I am going with the latter. It was such a nice salty contrast to Rikke’s beet sliders. It also had an olive spread. Yum.

Part II: Germany

Since I found out I was accepted in to the program I have been slowly gathering my study materials. I need to get my butt in gear though. Time is flying with or without me studying German. I need to get on a routine which involves drowning myself in German. 🙂 Lucky for me I keep discovering new study tools around my house. I haven’t had to spend a penny on anything.

When Alex was younger I was on a mission to make him bilingual. I missed out on learning German as a child and that always made me a bit sad. My mom is fluent so I tried my best to make her speak it when he was younger. My attempts weren’t solid because I wasn’t fluent or even conversational so I couldn’t respond to my mom and she would switch back to English. I did however use my mom’s credit card 😉 to order a lot of kids films from amazon and ebay.

Duck Tales

Scooby Doo

Bob the Builder

& the Koala Brothers

oh, but wait it gets even better

Der Kleine Eisbär

which reminds me R.I.P. Knut

Today, I discovered this in a drawer. I haven’t actually played it yet so we’ll see how it is. I like to be optimistic though.

I have my audio cd’s too. They’re a bit dull, but effective. There are 29 discs ranging from beginning to advanced.

Finally, for some grammar I can refer to my good ol’ textbook.

You made it through the week. Now go out and enjoy your weekend!





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