Dessert for Breakfast

Yes. That is exactly what happened this morning.

I made some banana ice cream!! Literally, I just used one frozen banana and threw it into my handy dandy food processor. It amazes me at how creamy and fluffy it always gets. I added frozen mango and strawberries to half and peanut butter to the other half. Wowza. 🙂

After gettin” low in Zumba I came home and did some fun stuff laundry and made this…


…Pizza! I felt veggies had been lacking in my diet so I tried to incorporate a mountain bunch which made it interesting to eat, but delicious all the same.

I made some rosemary garlic crust. I was out of yeast though and hoped to use baking soda and apple cider vinegar instead. I made baking soda pretzels a few weeks ago, however it didn’t really work in this case. The baking soda will make it rise. No worries! Curious about the difference between baking powder and soda? Then click here!

My pizza toppings:


– zucchini



– sun dried tomatoes


– mushrooms

– garlic


I am off to make Alex some dinner then hit the gym! I hope your day has been lovely and the weather nicer where you live.

57°F · (°C)

Wind: 10 mph SSE
Humidity: 58%


55° / 37°

Partly Cloudy

63° / 45°

Mostly Cloudy

64° / 50°

Partly Cloudy

70° / 52°

Partly Cloudy

68° / 48°

It has been super dreary and drizzling here and there today.




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