Na Na Na Na Na

Hi there!

How has your day been? 🙂

What’s been going on in my life since Sunday you ask? The short answer is- Gym. Gym. Gym.

But I also got asked to prom.

It was super random. I was meeting a good friend I’ve known since 5th grade for coffee and bam he just asked. How could I say no to flowers? Totally kidding. He’s really nice. To be honest I wasn’t planning on going, but I know I’m going to have a ball!

I also made these awesome Tofu Fish Sticks from Vegan Lunch Box by Jennifer McCann

I even made them Easter themed because food is meant to be fun! I had a bunny, duck, and carrot cookie cutter which worked nicely.

Here is a cup and a half of almonds soaking for a homemade batch of almond milk 🙂 I like to add some cinnamon, vanilla, and a few dates too.

I use Irish Moss because it keeps it from separating and makes it a teeny bit thicker. It’s completely optional though.

Alex has begun to use it instead of milk for his morning cereal. Win!

Here’s a how to for anyone curious in making some of your own. Warning: you’ll never want to go back to the packaged stuff once you start making it 🙂

Afterschool today I made Alex an apple cake bar type thing with:


– flour

– oatmeal

– baking soda

– apple pieces

– brown sugar



– applesauce


Then I just threw it into the oven. It was really awesome! There were quite a few, but that’s the only one that made it into a picture 😉

I am planning on working out like a beast tomorrow. No joke. It’s going to be great. Oh and I really really want to do this. Maybe I will be able to squeeze it into my hectic schedule 😉 ?

I discovered a new song today:

Bye guys!






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