When Alex asks for Macaroni & Cheese…

I need to rant for a bit. sorry.

It is so beyond frustrating to come home from the gym to this…

The worst part is how frequently it magically appears at my house. It wouldn’t bother me if it this was a rare occassion. This ended up in the trash about two seconds after I discovered it. In the past week I have come home to KFC and an XXXXXXL Pizza or so it seemed. It was meant for an army not a family of 3 1/2. The 1/2 being Alex 🙂 Half the pizza is still sitting in the fridge and the KFC I found was discarded immediately. I can NOT stand wasting food, but prefer it there than in mine or Alex’s belly. I am going to be honest here. I used to eat this stuff like it was no big deal and don’t get me wrong I am still up for the occasional fast food stop like every few months, but it is absolutely not meant for regular or even semi- regular consumption. It certainly will not be in my household when I am on my own. I am over being so destructive to my body.  There is NO excuse for this stuff. Don’t go the economics route: my family can afford better food, and we I always have time to cook, and on top of that I make sure our fridge is always stocked with yummy food. Grrr I don’t want this junk around me or around Alex.

On a lighter note before going to the gym I asked Alex what he wanted for dinner and he said macaroni & cheese. No problem kiddo, you ask and you shall recieve.

Nutritional Yeast!!! This stuff is a full of B vitamins and is a complete protein. It is also delish on air popped popcorn 🙂

Tumeric gives it that yellow color.

So maybe this wasn’t what he had in mind entirely. He ate it anyway.

Half this post was negative so I am going to give some positives about having junk food in the house:

1. I no longer want it.

2. I can throw it away.

3. I can and do make Alex better food.


By the end of writing this I have come full circle and I’m now so beyond over it. It’s out of my control. I should just be grateful I am taking much better care of myself now.

the end.

How do you guys deal with frustrating situations?

Still casually obsessed with blueberries,



2 thoughts on “When Alex asks for Macaroni & Cheese…

  1. YOU ROCK!!!! and so does you’re blueberry obsession (-:
    okay….. Ive never had mac’n’cheese before either… But yours actually look good. Does Alex want another sister? i would love to have a sister like you/private cook (:

    • Wait, whatttt???? You’ve never ever had macaroni and cheese before???? We will make you some. and no not my healthy kind well we can make that too, but the full fat 100% bad for you kind. The one you spend an extra year on the treadmill for, but is good to experience once in your life.
      Hehe I think he’ll appreciate it one day. Like tomorrow when I make his breakfast. It’s going to be awesome. You’ll see!!!

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