Happy Easter!

Hi everyone. I hope you are enjoying your day 🙂 I know I am!

Rather than tell you what I’ve been up to this morning I’ll just show you.

I woke up to an Easter basket and a very excited Alex. I requested a fruit filled basket, but I guess the Easter Bunny was too busy and didn’t get my memo.

I made myself a poached egg and had a banana for breakfast.

My older brother is home so I had something special up my sleeve for him…

Bacon, Whiskey, Chocolate Chip, Maple Waffles. He loved the flavor and described it as intense. 🙂

Real bacon and by that I mean not turkey bacon.

Hash…    browns



After breakfast it was time for the Easter egg hunt. Alex was by far the most excited, but there is still a bit of competition between Eric and I.

Here are some action shots:

Run, run, run!

He looked high and low.

And in the end he found the most eggs. Oh snap!

Here are the results:

Alex- 12 eggs

Eric-11 eggs

Me- 10 eggs

I played around with some of the settings on my camera too.

Eric hates getting his picture taken.

I had to be a bit sneaky. :p

I am off to spend time with my family.

Have a glorious day. I’ll be back later.




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