What a splendid day it has been!

The roses in my backyard are starting to bloom which is a sign that mother’s day is right around the corner!

I started off the morning with church. I brought Alex along and he seemed to really enjoy it. He has been asking to come along and spent the car ride home reading his new kids illustrated bible. It is important to me that he grows up with good values and Christianity is amazing. God has an undeniable influence.

On the way home we stopped at Michael’s to get some supplies for a school project on the Harpy Eagle. He has to make a replica from clay and do some research about the fascinating bird. Alex has been pronouncing it as the Herpe Eagle. 🙂 It cracks it me up. It ended up looking like this…

For lunch I made some shrooms:

yummy portobello

with homemade sun-dried tomato hummus

complemented with some veggies

all on top of a sandwich thin

I can’t stand the taste or texture when bananas are this ripe and sugary. I like ’em light green.

So I made something yummy with them instead. 🙂

Alexander gave me a bionicle building lesson this afternoon. Apparently the more color equals more power. He is off building an army of bionicle men and is threatening that he will beat my currently non-existent army so I have to go get building!

My nutritional goal for the week is to eat less sugar and dairy. I have been snacking on left over Easter candy all week and it needs to stop. Veggies are the goal. My skin is also not too happy about the excessive sugar and dairy. Oops. My skin is one of my best measurements of how I am eating because it is so sensitive to changes in my diet.

My academic goal is to spend 20 minutes a day reviewing German vocab.

My self growth goal is to finish reading Finding a Religion and meditating at least once this week. I think meditation is such an amazing tool for self-awareness.

What is your goal(s) for the week?




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