May the fourth be with you and cinco de mayo!

¡Hola mis amigos!

If I weren’t German I would want to be mexican/italian/french. They are all cultures that fascinate me 🙂

Yesterday was crazy! I went shopping from 9 am to 6 pm. I needed to find some prom stuff. I already had a dress, but it was short and my mom insisted on getting a long dress. It was a bit frustrating going from store to store with no luck! I went to two different malls, an outlet, and several other random stores along the way. Most schools have already had prom so it was difficult to find something. But I did it! You’ll have to wait until this weekend to see what it looks like though. It is super simple, but eloquent.

I needed some shopping power half way through and munched on this. I think it might be my favorite flavor!

During the second half of my shopping trip I was accompanied by my prom date. He needed a tie and some pants. My dress is all black and we chose silver and pink for accent colors. I bought some silver Tom’s, but realized how horrible they looked with the dress. I returned them today and picked out a different less flashy color.

My mom doesn’t like them because they look “used”. I compared it with the holed jeans look. I liked them and will wear them. That’s what counts!

I got some coconut milk to try and it’s definitely different. I would definitely buy it again and at 50 calories a serving you can’t go wrong. I need to try it in more things to be 100% sure how I feel about it.

Tonight I headed over to Rikke’s to make some cookies for an upcoming garage sale.

I met her host sister, Maia. She is awesome! The cookies turned out nom nom.I had Alex this afternoon so he played Indiana Jones on the Wii while us girls baked. 🙂

Then we headed to his open house. He led me through a tour of his classroom showing me all of his hard work. I loved his artwork! I know I am not having kids for a while, but I can’t wait to get active in their schools and help out in the classroom. I am such a mom in the making. Hahaha.

“If I could heal the world I hope to save animals from forest fires. It takes responsibility somewone’s gotta do it. Each animal is important. Everyday is earth day!”

I am especially fond of the last line 😉 He is learning well.

We then hit up the book fair a purchased a few books to read. I remember getting super excited at my school’s book fair. How about you?

In honor of cinco de mayo I made some burritos with homemade tortillas. Beans, fajita mix with taco seasoning, lettuce, sour cream, and tomatoes were the toppings. Alex and I had a little feast and he ate all of his veggies. Yay!

I have a crazy weekend ahead. I am pumped!

For all you CBYXer’s out there remember we won’t be here for mother’s day next year. Try to make this one extra special and show your appreciation!I have something cool planned. 🙂




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