Prom Recap & Mother’s Day

Why hello there! What an amazing weekend it has been . 🙂

Friday I did the usual workout, but met up with HGG  afterwards at Starbucks for a nice little chit-chat. I have been doing a lot of thinking about God which has brought up a ton of questions. I respect his views and values and am really glad he was so willing to meet up. In reaching my own opinions and beliefs I want to seek out as many perspectives as possible. Hearing from people I look up to is extremely influential. I feel inadequately educated about God and I am grasping for more. The one conclusion I am positive about is that God is good. I also feel like there is something different about the people who put God at the center of their lives. HGG pointed out how calm Christ followers are. I whole heartedly agree, but I think there is something more that I just can’t quite describe. It is this amazing grounded, loving, attitude. Our coffee chat was definitely very helpful. I have dwindled my concerns down, but there is this one thing that still makes me uneasy to think about and I am not sure how to make it right.

I started my Mother’s Day cake on Friday too. I decided to make a Princess Torte and didn’t want to rush through it because it has multiple layers. Sometimes I get overwhelmed in the kitchen and I wanted to give each filling my full attention. I made the custard and cake layers then popped it into the fridge.

Then, Saturday rolled around which meant Prom. When I arrived at my friend’s house I was greeted with bagpipes. That is right I went in a group with a guy who plays the bagpipes. How totally beyond awesome is that?

We took a lot of pictures, but I will spare your eyes and just post a few 🙂

Here’s my date, Kas. We’ve known each other since 5th grade. He’s so nice!

He’s very spiritual, loves meditation, his family, and going into pre-med next year. It’s was fun!

The guys.

p.s.The guy in the middle plays the bagpipes!!!

The girls.

I swear we couldn’t get one good picture last night. I am really happy Rikke came along. I am sure it was a very different experience 😉 with all the dresses, limos, and interesting characters in our prom group.

No one is looking at the same camera in any of our group pictures. Fail.

Yay for a pretty corsage!

I didn’t realize the background when I was making the face, but it is suiting. I would never get a tattoo. Nothing against it, but I think I have brainwashed. I am terrified of being disowned by my mother. I also don’t want anything that permanent on my body.

We went to an awesome restaurant. P.F. Changs! So amazing!!! We ordered family style so essentially I got to try all of the dishes everyone ordered. I can’t say there was anything I didn’t like. We ordered veggie lettuce wraps as an appetizer and they were delightful 🙂

One of my highlights of the night was after dinner. We boxed up our leftovers and gave it to a homeless man. The smile on his face was priceless. You could just tell it meant a lot to him and it really warmed my heart.

We got to the dance. Played some texas hold em’. I advised Rikke on some of the hands and she won big, I wish I could say the same for myself. I am just horrible at gambling.

We took some photobooth pictures and danced. It is fun when you go in a group where you aren’t afraid to let loose and make a fool of yourself. Everyone is just having a good time.

Our group split up at the end of the night. Half went out to party and the other half watched Zoolander. Want to guess which group I was in? 😉

Now onto Mother’s Day. After getting home well past my bed time I woke up with only a few hours of beauty rest. I brought my mom and Alex to church then we came home for some brunch. The message this morning was great! It was about the parental and child relationship. Eric also came home which was nice. We had some pancakes and whipped out the cake. Yep, the breakfast of champions.

I used some flowers from my backyard as a garnish.

I can say it was a big hit. Over half of it is gone already. Win! It was really good. It has a marzipan topping, whip cream, cake, seedless raspberry jam, and a custard. It is a splendid combination.

I was so out of it today. It was ridiculous. I walked around looking like a zombie. It was pretty attractive if I ay so myself.

For dinner my family went to the Old Spaghetti Factory. It was a nice casual meal together.

Unfortunately when we got home Alex got sick. He was complaining right after we ate. My dad was sick a few nights ago so I am hoping it is just a 24 hour cold. It is pretty unpleasant. I will spare you the chunky details. Hopefully he will be feeling better in the morning.

This week is going to be great! I don’t know why yet, I just know it is!

Happy Sunday,



One thought on “Prom Recap & Mother’s Day

  1. hi babygirl!

    you look beautiful in your prom dress! i hope it was amazing, i know my proms were a lot of fun! i’m so happy to see you’ve been keeping up with this and every other goal you set for yourself, you’re doing such a great job! sorry i haven’t been around here, man it’s been a busy month or so. things have been hard with yenno, but i’m giving myself a fresh start. it’s what i need, and it’s what i’m going to give myself.

    i love you! keep up your amazing work,

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