Blowin the time away!

It has been like 5 days since my last post. Whoops…

Well hi there!

This morning I was surprised with an email from a super amazing friend. 🙂 She talked about change and really committing to it.  I feel like I’ve been struggling with that a lot lately.One of my favorite quotes is “don’t postpone joy.” It is one of those things you can’t wait to happen. You have to take charge this instant!

I have been eating a lot of processed foods lately and have had a not so consistent workout schedule. Those are the two things I NEED in life. They keep me sane and happy. As a result I feel like junk. I have been so exhausted this week. I got the stomach flu really badly monday night. My entire family came down with it after Alex got it. It was really unpleasant. I am also emotionally exhausted. I have been taking care of Alex a lot lately. I love it, but it can be overwhelming. There are some other factors, taking an emotional toll on me, but I don’t want to discuss it here.

I am just going to talk about today 🙂 On Wednesday I went to squat/ lunge hell aka HGG’s class. I was still sore this morning, but went to his class again and we did the same thing. I highly doubt I will be able to walk tomorrow. My quads are on fire!!!

I hung out with Alex too. We blew bubbles because we are that cool. 🙂

The flowers in my backyard are in full bloom!

In some other exciting news I got my flight info for my international flight to Germany. Am I really going abroad for ten months! wowza. It’s insane.

I am off to bed. I have to be up bright and early tomorrow. I will hopefully be blogging from a new location for a bit 😉

See ya!




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