30 Days of Awesome.

“Spend more time doing the things you love.”


I haven’t posted here in almost two years. It is insane to read my old entries and take a walk through memory. At the core I am still the same person. I love the same things, but somehow I have forgotten a lot of my priorities. I have lost my sense of waking up everyday excited to see how much I could accomplish.

Every morning we make the decision how the day will play out. Either we lie in bed hitting the snooze button 5 times or we jump up ready and excited to see the possibilities that lay ahead. Life throws lots of curveballs and sometimes we get stuck in a rut. But how we handle these hurdles makes each one of us unique and solely individual. I am ready to take life head on and make something wonderful of it.

I am going to start spending my time doing more things I love and blogging will give me a solid outlet to track my progress.

Things I love that have been sorely ignored: 

  • creating: cooking, painting, arts, sewing
  • activities: jogging, walking, cycling, working out
  • intellectual: reading
  • spiritual: meditating

Quote of the day “Life is a journey, not a race. Walk through it”

Until tomorrow!




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